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Your ultimate, all-in-one sidekick to power your pet business.

Less mix-ups, second-guessing & double-handling, more giving customers and our furry friends the care & attention they deserve.
get 20+ hours back in your week (seriously)

Are you a Pet Services Business in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney?

Petboost Business just works.

It's your ultimate, all-in-one sidekick to power your pet business. Less mix-ups, second-guessing & double-handling – more giving customers and our furry friends the care & attention they deserve.

An intelligent booking engine designed for pet businesses.

Designed around the real-life moving parts of your business, provide live availability for customers & team to place bookings, manage expectations and protect from the inconvenience of errors & last-minute cancellations.

Seamless payments & reliable, automated invoicing.

Managed securely with Stripe, Petboost payments & invoicing flexibly allows for changes in services on the fly, as well as automating processing so you can get 10+ hours back per week & focus more on your customers.

Update once, publish once, second guess never.

Centrally manage your services, pricing, duration, opening hours and all of the other important stuff in one place and publish to Petboost, your website & Google instantly with confidence.

Straightforward, smart scheduling & team operations.

Whether it's as clear as 'all day availability', or as intricate as to-the-minute with mandatory breaks, directly inform your real-time appointment availability in a few clicks.

Intuitive record-keeping & integrated appointment notes.

Designed alongside actual business owners just like you, this isn't just another sub-par CRM. Record appointment notes seamlessly as part of your workflow and attach everything to the appointment in one go.

Effortless, personalised, automated reminders & notifications.

Keep your customers and your team members up-to-date with automated welcome messages, booking reminders, confirmations, cancellations and team operations notifications via our secure SMS and Email engine.

Your very own SEO-supercharged world-class listing page.

Get seen by more Pet Owners in your local area with your professional listing on the Petboost Marketplace and customisable, SEO-supercharged website so you can add, edit, remove & publish your business' front page in real-time.

Plug into an existing network of customers in your local area.

Petboost is also a network of existing pet owners who find, compare & book their pets in with local professionals just like you. More eyeballs means more bookings from day 1.